In 2019 in England Alone..

There are over 4000 people sleeping rough on any one night (Source: Shelter). The Gareth Bailey Group believes that homelessness across the United Kingdom is entirely unacceptable.

Homelessness doesn't just mean not having keys

A home requires, food, furniture, heating, white goods and companionship and access to decent healthcare for those getting themselves back on their feet.

Government Departments, alongside Local Authorities

are supposed to provide compassionate services to United Kingdom citizens.

But...they believe instead

that poorer and disadvantaged citizens in the UK, disgustingly, should be grateful for what they are given.

It is the Gareth Bailey Group's experience

that poorer and disadvantaged people don't get a say and are frequently lied to nationwide..

Government Departments, alongside Local Authorities believe

that these people won't find out or have the ability to challenge unfair and often unlawful decisions.

For example, street homeless people are routinely told

across the United Kingdom that they do not have a right to make a homelessness application. This in turn massages homelessness statistics.


they should instead apply for social housing without making a statutory homelessness application.

BUT, without making a statutory homelessness application

their social housing application will not be prioritised leaving them to sleep on the streets for years. There is then also no right to appeal.

Everybody has a legal entitlement

to make a "statutory homelessness application" - whatever their circumstances. This does not guarantee assistance but it does guarantee a right to appeal (this must be done within 21 days and the outcome should be provided in writing).

Legal Aid Cut Backs

have stopped disadvantaged people getting support and representation and the cut backs have created a perfect storm for charities trying to support them with budgets abolished or slashed. This is despite the recession being over.

It has become almost routine for sickness money

(welfare benefits) to be refused on the first application including ESA, DLA, and PIP (Both "Old Style" and "New Style" (Universal Credit). This is despite the recession being over.

Many People Give Up

particularly those with mental health problems who do not have the wherewithal and applicants more widely are dying waiting in poverty.

Disadvantaged people in the legal system

often have to represent themselves in Court whilst "Social" Services kidnap their children. There are over 1000 people in one Facebook Group with this draconian experience. "Social" Services need to be defeated. The Courts ban them and the media from speaking out!

Judges rarely listen in Kangaroo Courts

to unrepresented people, refusing applications and representations from them whimsically whilst listening to the rich opponent who is represented.

Those who dare to take the UK government to Court repeatedly for failing disadvantaged people

get banned from the Civil Courts altogether through uniquely reserved Civil Restraint Orders. They must be kept quiet...apparently whilst Solicitors and Barristers can lose as many cases as they like!

GBG Law and Roof fights for those who are treated in this way

and offers advocacy, training and eventually employment and volunteering opportunities to those who graduate from the free GBG Academy to help others and spread the word.

GBG Business covers Outsourced Business Services, Website Design and Development

..whilst Anarchist Media is an alternative media platform - getting the word out where mainstream media is silenced by the UK Government.

We believe in you and what you can become.

has become our slogan both for Clients and Start up Businesses. We also welcome opportunities from SMEs and larger businesses (subject to ethical approval).

We are completely unregistered, unregulated and uncontrolled

by the UK Government - entirely deliberately through overseas registration. We say what we see and give back practically.

Supporting the Gareth Bailey Group..

Supporting the Group Article

Here you can find our more about how you can support The Gareth Bailey Group’s work. To access services provided by grassroots charitable projects within The Gareth Bailey Group, please visit the charitable project’s website, directly, from the list at the bottom of this webpage. (Yellow full width)

Supporting the Group By Volunteering..

Box 1 Image to the Right

Volunteer – Although we prioritise applications from graduates from The Gareth Bailey Group Academy, we always need extra volunteers to work with us to maintain and expand our grassroots charitable projects. We can also offer work experience placements within our businesses. To find out more, please select the careers option above. (Yellow)

Supporting the Group Through Networking..

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Networking – We are always looking to network with other projects that share our aims and objectives in relation to our charitable projects across the country, by providing a link to our website from your website, and sharing our newsdesk items on your Social Media will help to spread the word in next to no time. Please do click on our Facebook and Twitter links and follow us.

Supporting the Group By Donating Your Professional Services..

Box 3 – Image to the Right - Donate your professional services, not your money.. (Pink/Purple).

Due to tax implications and to maintain neutrality, Gareth Bailey Group grassroots charitable projects are intentionally just that – grassroots. To maintain impartiality from the UK Government that we hold to account on behalf of citizens, we cannot except financial donations due to tax implications. Due to our political objectives, we also cannot be said to be politically neutral, a necessity when registering for charitable status.

We sit on our own Island and so practical help from you to offer practical help to others is the obvious way forward. We list the things we need help with under our careers section, not to be misleading but the software running this section does an exceptionally decent job!

We believe in our Clients and what they can become and We believe in doing business differently.

Supporting the Group By Working Together on Joint Campaigns..

Box 4 – Image to the Right – Joint Campaigns

You can find our more about our campaigns, both from the slideshow on the welcome page of our website (that will link you to direct website pages for grassroots charitable projects in our group). If we inspire you or you are doing something similar, we don’t ask for any money from you but, by joining forces, we can share objectives and a strategy and further each other’s aims – as long as both parties agree from an ethics standpoint. Get in touch, we are a friendly bunch!

Welcome to the Cakebread Snow Group..

The Cakebread Snow Group works across the business services and media industry to offer unique and competitive solutions for all of your business needs and provides a highly effective alternative media platform for undiscovered talent across Film, Radio, Television, Theatre and Written Works including the design and development of websites through Cakebread Snow Group Business.

At the heart of our work is the people that start out as our clients. Many of our clients are in the process of overcoming extreme challenges such as homelessness, mental health problems, drug and alcohol problems among others because those who have suffered the most are in fact the most empathetic of others - ideal for excelling at in house and outsourced customer service.

We prioritise applications for those clients who complete training programmes through the Cakebread Snow Group Academy, a web based learning organisation that forms the bridge between our grassroots charitable and business projects.

> Read more about our grassroots charitable projects and businesses here..

Find Out More....

Whether you are just starting out or you are a larger business, through Cakebread Snow Business' unique and client centred solutions, we can provide solutions tailored to you. Whether your business is looking for advertising and marketing solutions or business telecoms, outsourced customer service solutions through our contact centre services, website design, development or hosting.

Through Anarchist Media, also part of the Cakebread Snow Group, we will work with you to get the word (or indeed your work!) out. We do things differently, why not find out more today..

> Read More about our ethics, how we work and how we operate.

Accessibility and Feedback..

At the Cakebread Snow Group, we value people from all walks of life on an equal footing including those with disabilities and who come from disadvantaged backgrounds.

We believe that the only true way of ensuring that all of our businesses and grassroots projects are truly accessible is to listen to feedback to make even more of a difference across the United Kingdom.

> Read More..

How We Work..

In business we are confident in delivering sound and unique business and media solutions at competitive rates through the professional relationships we forge and by matching talented people with talented clients.

We strongly believe that looking after our workforce is what creates a culture of strength, loyalty and belief inside the Cakebread Snow Group and that this will continue to build a heightened awareness of our work to potential Clients and in new markets. We believe in inspiring people, in making a difference to the lives of the most vulnerable in our society and in providing world class business services for small to medium enterprises.

You can find out about how we can work with you by visiting the websites below.

Welcome to the Cakebread Snow Group - Stronger People, Stronger Business.

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